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About Us

TAZ is a regional organization that gathers local and international experts in the field of law, judiciary, economy, banking, administration, and education. For a number of years, TAZ organization has been providing intellectual services and successfully carrying out numerous activities in the field of domestic and international commercial law and intellectual property rights, as well as in the field of finance, economy, law practice, counseling and education.

The goal of the TAZ is to contribute to the modernization of business operation and to the rule of law and market economy by improving the work of judicial, financial, economic, educational, and administration bodies.

TAZ Expert Teams include university professors, judges, lawyers, economy and finance experts, as well as specialists in other fields. The selection of our partners is based on their expertise, experience, openness, and tolerance.

Since it was established the TAZ organization has been striving to provide the support and service of highest quality to its clients, local and international partners, and partner organizations.

TAZ Main Activities

Consulting services and expert analysis in the field of domestic and international commercial law, finance, banking, and trading.

Providing advisory services, overview and analysis of local and international contracts, collateral and other legal documents, giving written legal and economic opinions and guidance.

Position of the local and international court practice and doctrine with respect to local and international economic, legal and related issues.

Collateral in legislation and practice, organization of specialist seminars aiming to educate managerial structure of lawyers, economists, financial experts, and other professionals dealing with credit, foreign currency, commercial, financial, and legal activities, who apply or shall apply instruments of collateral, or who control collateral -related activities. Providing education that has become indispensable due to the conditions in a market oriented economy, but also due to the differences in the application of regulations and the practice in these fields.

Financial analysis of creditworthiness of companies from the aspect of local and international economic and legal regulations and standards, specialist seminars. Analysis of balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement to evaluate assets and capital of a legal entity. Methods for evaluation of assets and capital in local and international business finance, methods for determining creditworthiness of companies and their importance for business plans. Audit of financial reports and their consolidation in compliance with local and international regulations, Basel I and Basel II.

Business risks and business risk management, specialist seminars. Procedures for identifying, measuring, evaluating, and managing risks. How to identify the way to measure, evaluate, and manage risks. Classification of risks and of risk management.

Payment system – local and international regulations, economic and banking practice, specialist seminars. Payment system instruments and transfers. Bills of exchange, check as the instrument of payment system and payment. International payment system and payment instruments.

Crediting from the aspect of local and international legal and economic regulations and practice, specialist seminars. Credit agreement and securitization. Kinds of loans – loans to natural persons and legal entities, investment loans, credit lines, mortgage loans, structured credit, housing loans, consumer loans. Loan restructuring and refinancing, reprogramming, and loan insurance.

Privatization in legislation and practice, specialist seminars aiming to educate managerial structures of lawyers, economists, and other professionals responsible for privatization in their organizations.

Regional economic cooperation, introducing legal, economic, and other regulations from Eastern European countries with a view to increasing cooperation between economies in the region, as this is a precondition for the region’s stability and improved cooperation with the European Union.

Education and training of lawyers for practice through organization of Seminars for Preparation of the Bar Exam. More then four thousand lawyers from South-Eastern European countries participated in these seminars during the period between 1990 and 2007. Seminar lecturers are law schools professors, supreme and constitutional court judges, district court and commercial court judges, who come from Serbia and South-Eastern European countries.

Protection of intellectual property, patent right, sample and model right, stamp right, right to geographical indication label, and copyright.

International cooperation programs, student and professor exchange programs, cooperation with EU and USA organizations, universities, high schools, and language schools. As a partner of leading international institutions and organizations for education, TAZ provides education abroad in high-school programs, as well as undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral studies.


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